Lenovo Laptop Price in Pakistan

Lenovo laptops price in Pakistan is the lowest price of these laptops. It is not only cheap but also of good quality and reliability. Lenovo laptop comes with a great design, the best features, good performance, and a more attractive look than other brands. The company offers its customers a wide range of products at affordable prices. Many models are available in this range of laptops priced from Rs 50000/- to Rs 6.5Lacs for different specifications.

1. Lenovo ThinkPad Price in Pakistan

Lenovo ThinkPad is a line of business laptops and desktops manufactured by Lenovo. The brand was originally named IBM Personal System/2 but later changed to IBM ThinkPad in 1992. From the beginning of its existence, the brand has been associate with quality, from its first models (the IBM 4341) to modern products like the T series and X1 Carbon. You can check the latest Lenovo ThinkPad Prices in Pakistan at Asif Computers Website, with a one-year Local Warranty in Pakistan. The brand became popular among users due to excellent reliability and long-lasting batteries that could last up to 10 hours on a single charge. In addition, ThinkPad has always had an excellent keyboard with good tactile feedback, making typing easier than most others.

2. Lenovo Gaming Laptop

Lenovo gaming laptops are available in a 17” display from the legion series. Most Lenovo 17-inch laptops come in the Legion series with an 8GB Graphics Card and 1TB SSD and 16GBs of DDR5 Ram, and 1 Year Warranty. Lenovo metal body laptops are very rare; only the lid and the bottom case of laptops are made of metal, except these the whole body is made up of plastic. 

Lenovo Legion Price in Pakistan

This is a new line of gaming laptops designed specifically for eSports. They are designed to be lightweight, durable, and powerful for all types of gamers. Laptops feature the latest technology, such as Intel Core i7 processors, NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, and fast SSDs. You can see the current price of Lenovo Legion in Pakistan on the website of Asif computers.

3. Lenovo Chromebook Price in Pakistan

Lenovo’s Chromebook is a laptop that runs Chrome OS, an operating system developed by Google. Lenovo Chromebook price in Pakistan is not that high. The Chromebook uses an Intel Celeron processor and comes in 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch, priced at Rs.40000/- for the smaller model and Rs.60000/- for the larger model. It starts. The idea behind this device is to use cloud computing to give users access to their data from anywhere through any device, such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones (via Wi-Fi). You can access your email, files, and other documents on your Chromebook without installing additional software.

4. Lenovo Used Laptops

Lenovo used laptops are available in a wide range in the market import from other countries. You can buy used laptops with intel processors from the 3rd generation to the 10th generation. Lenovo i5 laptop price in Pakistan in ThinkPad series is about Rs:60000/-. Core i7 price is Rs:80000/- (average pro). Lenovo i5 6th generation laptop price in Pakistan ranges from Rs: 38000/- to Rs: 48000/-. Lenovo touchscreen laptops are available in used conditions with a display size of 14 or 13 inches and x360 rotation.

The prices of Lenovo touchscreen laptop price in Dubai is much more economical as compared to Pakistan, but the main reason is in Dubai, they only allow you to buy laptops in bulk quantity. Lenovo Core i5 laptop price in Pakistan. The most famous used series of Lenovo laptops are Lenovo P-series and Lenovo T-series; Lenovo P-series laptops are also available in Asif Computers used section; you can visit us physically in Hafeez Center shop #49 1st floor the purchasing used laptops. 

You can also get the Lenovo t430 Price in Pakistan from Asif Computers. Lenovo’s best generation of used laptops is the 10th generation; this generation is best in the sense that it is slightly used compared to the other generations. We have a Lenovo 10th generation laptop priced in Pakistan in bulk quantity.