Acer is known for its monstrous gaming laptops that have amazing specs. It also has a name that matches its cool looking design, “The Predator”. The beasts of a machine run games smoothly and allow for overclocking if you want that extra boost in performance. Yes, made in China. Acer, the world’s second-largest PC manufacturer, established a factory in Chongqing, China’s industrial capital, where it aims to produce 30 percent to 40% of its laptops. laptops are usually best value for the money and most of the time with Acer you get what you pay for. Established in 1976, the company has a decent 5.7 percent global market share, when it comes to laptop sales. Without a doubt; the company offers a device for every price range. The Nitro 5 is the best cheapest gaming laptop, but it won’t play more demanding games for as many years as our other picks, it has half the storage, and its screen isn’t as nice.