13th gen laptops refer to laptops that use the latest 13th-generation Intel processors. These processors are also known as  Raptor Lake and were released in October 2022. They feature a hybrid architecture, combining high-performance and energy-efficient cores in a single chip.

The 13th gen processors come in both desktop and mobile versions, and they offer significant improvements in performance and efficiency compared to the previous generation. They also support new features such as DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0.

Laptops with 13th gen processors are expected to provide faster and more responsive computing experiences, especially for demanding tasks such as gaming and content creation. They are also likely to have better battery life due to the more efficient architecture.

Several laptop manufacturers have already released models with 13th gen processors, including Dell, Lenovo, Asus and HP. These laptops are typically high-end devices and may come with premium features such as high-resolution displays, dedicated graphics cards, and fast storage options.

Overall, 13th gen laptops are a significant upgrade over previous generations and are likely to be popular among power users who demand top-tier performance and features from their computing devices.