BENQ GW2280 22″ FHD VA Monitor

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BENQ GW2280 22″ FHD VA Monitor
  • Display : 21.5″ FHD VA
  • Refresh rate : 60Hz
  • Response Time : 5 ms GTG
  • Warranty : 1 Year Local
  • Status : NEW


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BENQ GW2280 22" FHD Monitor


21.5" FHD VA



Refresh rate


Response Time

5ms GTG


15.5 x 19.3 x. 6.9 in






01 Year Local.

BENQ GW2280 22″ FHD VA Monitor

BENQ GW2280 22″ FHD VA Monitor

Super Resolution

EL2870U simulates high resolution picture quality by increasing pixel density of low-resolution standard-definition content for astounding clarity.

Smart Focus

Smart Focus highlights the selected window or area, helping users concentrate on the main viewing content by reducing distractions in the background.

Fast 1ms GTG Response Time

Super-fast 1ms GTG response eliminates motion smear for smooth video and gaming. Enjoy immersive gaming and video entertainment without lag, ghost

Splendid Enjoyment with Ease

Freely connect to all entertainment with multiple HDMI and DisplayPort ports while using the hotkey to switch between 4 levels of HDR and B.I.+ modes. Select the most suitable clarity for displayed content and ensure splendid image performance of HDR with clear details in different environments.

ZOWIE was founded at the end of 2008. It is a brand dedicated to the development of professional esports equipment. At the time of its debuted, there were only 3 hardworking employees and 1 product to begin with. As there was no “esports” back then, ZOWIE had spent a lot of time gathering, listening, and engaging with competitive gamers/players on the internet, forum, and gaming community worldwide. That got us into the world of esports. As the first mouse ZOWIE had ever released in 2009 -The EC Series, which was a hardworking result with one of the most legendary Counter-Strike players of that time: HeatoN. That set the foundation of ZOWIE to its dream of providing the best esports professional equipment. On the other hand, BenQ is a display expert from the beginning of its time, and it has more than 35 years of history from its early days. BenQ had met ZOWIE back in 2010, and getting the aid from ZOWIE on their professionalism and relationship with HeatoN and SpawN; co-developing the first-ever LCD monitor that is tailor to gamers: XL2410. The BenQ XL series soon became the most popular gaming monitor to gamers around the world and been adopted by worldwide tournaments without much of our supports. BenQ had gone through its journey from selling commodity monitors, to the gaming industry, and the esports industry. Thanks to ZOWIE’s support and their professionalism. It was until the end of 2015, BenQ and ZOWIE are heading in the same direction with the same dream. The merge took place and made BenQ ZOWIE as known today.


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