Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover – Black

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Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover
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Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover


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Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover 

Design and Features

Previous-generation Surface tablets had two keyboard covers to choose from: the colorful Microsoft Touch Cover and the sturdy, but more capable Microsoft Type Cover. This time around, Microsoft has ditched the touch-sensitive Touch Cover, combining its selection of bright colors with the greater functionality of the original Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover. In many respects, the Surface Pro Type Cover retains the best aspects of its predecessors, with backlit physical keys, an integrated trackpad, and function keys preset to call up Windows 8 functions for faster navigation of the interface. Despite the similarities, however, there have been updates. For starters, there’s the addition of a narrow, magnetic flap running next to the docking connector on the keyboard. The flap folds up, attaching magnetically to the front of the tablet, setting the keyboard at an angle. The slight incline makes the typing experience much more comfortable than the flat-to-the-table design of the old one. The trackpad has also been improved, with a larger 1.73-by-3.48-inch sensor, a clickable surface, and a slick, low-friction finish that is better than the felt-like material used in the past. The final significant design change is found on the right edge of the keyboard, where there’s a loop for stowing the tablet’s new digital Surface Pen.

Tablet to laptop in a snap

The next generation of Type Cover, made for Surface Pro, offers the most advanced Surface typing experience yet. Surface Pro Type Cover feels and performs like a traditional laptop with a redesigned mechanical keyboard with optimal key spacing for fast and fluid typing, and an enlarged glass trackpad for precision control and navigation. Adding Surface Pro Type Cover to Surface Pro instantly puts a highly versatile laptop in your hands.


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