HP M27fwa 27″ FHD Monitor

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HP M27fwa 27″ FHD Monitor
  • Display: 27” FHD
  • Brightness: 300nits
  • Display Type: IPS
  • Response Time: 5ms GTG
  • Status: NEW

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HP M27fwa FHD Monitor


27'' FHD, IPS, 60Hz 1920 x 1080 Pixels



Response Time

5ms GTG


x1 VGA
x2 HDMI 1.4 (with HDCP support)
x1 Headphone




23.93 x 1.35 x 14.01 inch (Without stand)




01 Year Local.

HP M27fwa 27″ FHD Monitor

As previously said, one thing HP M27fwa 27″ FHD Monitor excels at with their casual monitors is maintaining the best overall aesthetics and slimmest possible. This one measures roughly ‎23.93 x 17.21 x 7.4 inches, making it another candidate for the year’s slimmest list. On the other hand, it does not differ significantly from other monitors, being nearly equivalent to the HP M27FW Monitor, even in terms of dimensions. Even though it has the same style as that one, the colors have a lot of variety. While the has a three-color design, this one is totally white, which may or may not be a plus depending on your preferences.

Panel Type

They must have known that without an IPS screen, this monitor would be a flop at the prices it would be marketed at. Either that or they chose to maintain in the grain that every monitor in this line has an IPS panel, which, together with the lean aesthetics, is what distinguishes this series. Because of its greater color accuracy and image quality over the VA and TN panels, the IPS panel is ideal for casual and professional use. On the other hand, as every panel has its own downsides, the IPS features IPS glowing and slower response times than VA and TN panels.

The New Definition of High Definition

This FHD monitor feels as good as it looks, packing IPS technology for 178 degrees ultra-wide viewing angles, 99% sRGB color gamut for color accuracy, and Free-sync to keep your eyes up to speed with your imagination.

Looks Good, Feels Good, Does Good

Increase viewing comfort with Eye safe technology that doesn’t sacrifice color quality. Monitor designed with sustainability in mind with 85% recycled materials and packaged in recycled materials. Doing good never looked so good.

Streamlined & Seamless

Streamline your setup with its slim profile, innovative cable containment, and seamless design for side-by-side screens.


The HP M27fwa Monitor is one of the most affordable monitors with 27-inch, fantastic aesthetics, a good brightness ratio, and a refresh rate of 60hz, making it an excellent choice. However, because of its low PPI ratio and 6 bit + FRC bit depth, you should avoid this one if color accuracy and image quality are the most important factor in a monitor to you.


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