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Logitech is a world leader in products that connect people to the digital experiences they care about. Spanning multiple computing, communication and entertainment platforms, Logitech’s combined hardware and software enable or enhance digital navigation, music and video entertainment, gaming, social networking, audio and video communication over the Internet, video security and home-entertainment control. Logitech’s product strategy is focused on the screens that people use as their window into their digital world. We study how people use their screens (laptop PC or Mac, tablet, TV, smartphone and meeting room screens) and create products that enhance their experience with those screens, whether they are using them as consumers or as participants in a business or enterprise. Eight-five percent of Logitech’s business is through retail sales in more than one hundred countries. Most of Logitech’s retail sales are of consumer products, although a considerable amount of these retail products are purchased for, and used, in businesses. The remaining fifteen percent of Logitech’s business is  divided up between our OEM business, which includes sales of PC peripherals to computer manufacturers and our Life Size video conferencing business. Logitech offers a line of products to enhance your listening experience with digital music. We have a full line of digital speakers for the PC, which often find themselves as part of the living room entertainment or gaming setup because of their rich sound. In addition, we offer speaker docks for sharing the music stored on your iPod, iPad or smartphone. For cloud-based music, we offer the Squeezebox™ line of WiFi music players. And, our Ultimate Ears product line offers a full range of earphones for personal music listening